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Period Tents and Medieval Pavilions

"My home is my castle"



The FAM WEST Medieval Pavillions are made of pure cotton (waterproofed and treated against mould) - standard 300 gr/m² or heavy cloth 360 gr/m² or mixed weave 420 gr/m². 

Colored cloth is only available in 300 gr/m². See [Materials], [Colors and painting]!

The shapes and sizes of FAM WEST Medieval Pavillions are based on the classical portrayal of Medieval Pavillions of the 15th-17th centuries. At that time Medieval Pavillions were part of the picturesque backdrop of the knights' tournaments. Also during numerous wars of conquest and battles, the tents in royal colors provided transportable accomodation.

The variety of tents across Europe also hinted at the wallet size of the owner. Some poor travelling knights could hardly afford a tent, with their resources tied up in horse and gear, and some didn't even have that. Ownership of a tent also required servants who could take care of the bulky luggage. Only then could the nobleman take his own accomodation along to a tournament.