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Tiendas con cúpulas Pantheon

Price from 1.739,- €

„magic space“


Pantheon – THE BIGONE Ø 9m

usable area 63m² (106m² with 2. floor)

Pantheon – THE BIGONE is a versatile large dome tent, where you can easily open fire if required. The activities range from a luxuriously furnished Glamping tent, to a team tent, catering tent, tea room, space for an outdoor Kindergarten, meditation space, pony riding tent, camp library, camp dining room, camp kitchen, internet cafe up to a pure sleeping tent with a capacity up to 50 people (or up to 90 people with in the second floor version) ...more Info

Pantheon – WIGWAM Ø 4,3m and Ø 6m

usable area 14,5m² or 28 m²

Pantheon WIGWAM is in the style of an authentic Indian wigwam. It's a half-dome tent with a central smoke hole which can be closed when necessary (i.e. in heavy rain). The tent offers the maximum amount of space via its half-dome shape, but is still brilliantly simple to construct and wind-proof. A perfect tent for a summer camp - a real alternative to the tipi. The only tent you can make fire inside and store in a car trunk. ...more Info



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