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Pantheon The BigOne

Price from 18.799,- €

usable area 63m² (106m² with 2.nd floor)


Pantheon – THE BIGONE is a versatile large dome tent, where you can easily open fire if required. The activities range from a luxuriously furnished Glamping tent, to a team tent, catering tent, tea room, space for an outdoor Kindergarten, meditation space, pony riding tent, camp library, camp dining room, camp kitchen, internet cafe up to a pure sleeping tent with a capacity up to 50 people (or up to 90 people with in the second floor version).

Through dividing walls made of tent fabric, the interior can be divided into 11 individual rooms of 4.7 m². These can also be combined as desired.



Wall segments: 12
The magic number 12: https://gnosticwarrior.com/meaning-of-the-number-12.html

Material: Fireproof FRUV01 Campshield

Diameter: 900cm
Central Height: 450cm
Height of the 2-nd floor: 220cm
Circuit: 28,26m
Base area: 63,58m²
Base area 2.nd floor: 43,17m²
Total use area: 106,75 m²


Sleeping spots: 50+40 = Max. 100
Sitting spots (Floor – 3 Rows) Max 110


  • wooden floor
  • 2.nd Floor platform with a central ring
  • 2.nd entrance
  • Small windows
  • Large Windows
  • XXL Wall windows to be rolled up
Pantheon The BigOne Pantheon The BigOne Pantheon The BigOne

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