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Pantheon Wigwam

Our Pantheon is a half-dome with a smoke hole in the middle which can be closed when necessary (i.e. with heavy rains). The tent offers the maximum amount of space via its half-dome shape, but is still brilliantly simple and wind-proof. A perfect tent for a summer camp - a real alternative to the teepee.

an ingenious campfire tent in the style of a real Mongolian yurt or an Indian wigwam.





Dome shaped habitations are found with many native people from Asia, to North and South America to Africa.






The association to the world-famous Roman Pantheon temple comes automatically. A tent which no one else has.


    • Ground plan: round
    • Size: Ø430cm; Ø600cm;
    • Center height: 215cm; 300cm; 485cm
    • Models: Natural, Natural + Color, two colors, Natural heavy cloth, Mixed weave


Scope of delivery:

  • Tent
  • Center ring
  • Capping
  • Planks
  • Couplings (Steel tent-pegs at an additional cost)
  • Small wooden tent-pegs
  • Tenter
  • Ties
  • Packing sacks

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