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Interior Linings

Decorative tent interiors
(also to update the tent you already own)

"Go on! Treat yourself!..."


In need of a little medieval luxury?

A tent interior is what makes a knights tent really cozy and is proof of the owner's taste, all according to historical record.

In this way every tent can have its individual flair on the inside too, be it in the style of a nobleman's tent, a knight, king or oriental trader.


FamWest is the first tent manufacturer to offer decorative tent interiors for all of its models, and at a thoroughly acceptable price. Light cotton cloth is used as the material.

All FAM WEST tents can be retrofitted with no problem, of course. The interior covering is not only optically enriching but also quite practical. It serves at the same time as insulation, dew cloth as well as drip and wind protection.



Interior coverings are certainly shown in historical illustrations:

*click to enlarge


Select one of the traditional designs for your tent interior:

  • Figure 1

  • Figure 2

  • Figure 3

  • Figure 4

  • Figure 5

  • Figure 6

  • Figure 7

  • Figure 8

  • Figure 9

  • Figure 10

  • Figure 11

  • Figure 12

Pricing for tent interiors




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