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Medieval spoke ring pavilion


A perfectly round tent with a central ash ring. This classic shape is reproduced in most illustrations of medieval tents.



Ground plan:  circle

Sizes available, diameter x wall height x centre

  • 3.3m x 2m x 3.3m
  • 4.2m x 2m x  3.6m
  • 5.6m x 2.1m x 4.3m

Materials available:

  • Natural cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
  • Natural  & coloured cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
  • Natural  &  two coloured cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
  • Natural heavy canvas 360 gr/m2
  • Mixed weave  420 gr/m2


Price includes

  • Tent canvas
  • Centre post (separable)
  • Ash spokes & Couplings
  • large wooden tent-pegs
    (Steel tent-pegs at an additional cost)
  • small wooden tent-pegs
  • Rope runners
  • Ties
  • Packing sacks








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