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Early medieval ridge tent


 Geteld shaped tents are found on the oldest available tent images, the C9th Utrecht Psalter and the C12th Eadwine Psalter.

The entrance can be either in the apse or in the middle of the side wall (the latter is standard).

The unusual height of this ridge tent may be either to increase headroom inside the tent or increase the visual impact.






  • Ground Plan: Oval
  • Sizes available
    • Length x Width x height
    • 400 x 320 x 260cms
    • 500 x 350 x 320cms
    • 600 x 400 x 450cms
  • Materials available
    • Natural cotton canvas 300 gr/m2
    • Natural heavy canvas 360 gr/m2
    • Mixed weave  420 gr/m2


Price includes

  • Tent canvas
  • 2 internal upright posts (separable)
  • Ridge pole (separable)
  • large wooden tent-pegs*
  • small wooden tent-pegs*
  • Rope runners
  • Ties
  • Packing sacks

(* Depending upon tent size)



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