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"Free pass for time travel"


We live in a time in which it seems that technical developments have long since taken over for the human spirit. We don't have the faintest idea how the cars many of us drive actually work. Our computers often seem more qualified than we are. Every day we use object that we would never be able to produce ourselves. This development hasn't stopped at leisure time activities. Even in the so-called 'Outdoors' realm everything has to be made even faster, better, lighter to fend off unpleasant conditions like bad weather, cold or heat so that we can more easily 'consume' nature.

Rush up the mountain, rush down and rush off again. What becomes of the human being in this eternal competition for time?

Our traditional tents are meant for those who have chosen to at least occasionally step off this merry-go-round, to stop and look for their own roots. Setting up a indian tipi or a medieval Pavillion and spending a few nights in it provides a unique experience - transporting oneself to another time where other values and rules prevail. The traditional tents combine not only the romance and beauty of past times, but also the wisdom of ancient peoples, which lies in simplicity and closeness to nature of their lifestyle.

In a traditional tent you'll never feel like an unwelcome guest and intruder in the wilderness again, but rather like a part of it. There is no better feeling than to lie down to sleep at night in a shelter made of completely natural materials, so simple and yet so comfortable. In addition, you have set it up yourself and know every detail by heart. It gives you a totally new feeling of self, learning to take care of a basic human need. In a natural tent you will experience how you can live in harmony with nature instead of fighting it.

And when you sit at the campfire some night and think back to the times when you didn't have your own traditional tent, you will certainly agree with me that you wouldn't want to do without the unique experience of a natural tent now.

Wishing you dry camping spots and always enough firewood.